5 Simple Steps to Sell Your Furniture Online

Selling your furniture online can be quite an intimidating task. As there are numerous pieces available for sale online, it’s quite difficult to make your furniture stand out from the rest. Also, the sort of portrayal you have of your furniture can greatly affect the number of buyers attracted towards it and the price it will sell at.

  1. Take Good Photos

Anne Doherty, Owner of Annie’ Attic purchases old furniture, refurbishes it and sales it in Illinois. She proclaimed that natural lighting is more appealing than the flash hence turn off the flash while taking pictures of your furniture. Natural light captures the true colors without any dramatic spotlights or shadows. Her most shows are taken at eye-level with other pictures taken at an angle to be included in her listings.


  1. Show the scale of your furniture

While taking a photograph of your furniture, keep a lifestyle setting of your piece to show its scale apart from product photography with a white background. Content Marketer at Shopify, Dayna Winter says that it’s important to show the scale as one cannot grasp the size of a couch from mere measurements.


  1. Describing the furniture properly

It’s imperative to describe the furniture properly as there is a whole book simply dedicated to how we talk about our furniture. Willie Davis, the writer of the book Furniture Phraseology talks about the importance of describing every piece in immaculate detail. The more finely you craft the sentences describing the furniture, the better would be your chances of attracting actual buyers towards your particular piece. You need to make the potential buyer fall in love with the piece and envision it in their particular house setting.


  1. Providing Details

Harry Rinker is a national antiques and collectibles expert. He emphasized on providing a complete description about the piece that is it mid-century modern? Art nouveau? Who was the manufacturer and when it came into existence? People search for specific furniture types hence don’t have a generic description for your furniture.

  1. Use other websites as well

You need to go beyond Craiglist if you want to sell your furniture at the best prices ever. There are numerous furniture selling websites including AptDeco, Viyet, Krrb and Chairish. Go do your research on these websites and put listings of your piece on them to help you find the right buyer for your particular piece.